Lyon & Turnbull’s Jewellery department currently hold six specialist jewellery sales a year in Edinburgh, London and via live online auctions.  Our team of specialists’ and consultants’ extensive knowledge and experience of the current market has proved an essential combination for the successful sales of both modern and antique jewellery; from fine Edwardian and Victorian pearls, through classic diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds from the houses of De Beers, Cartier, Boucheron, Bulgari and Tiffany, all the way to the outrageously decadent designs of Grima and the understated and elegant works of Jensen.

Whether buying or selling jewellery at auction, you will find our research services second to none - our highly trained experts are extremely capable at identifying, testing, documenting and selling precious stones, gold, silver and other valuable materials.

Crucially, we understand that jewellery carries a value beyond the number of carats, the purity of the metals, and the name of the designer. Jewellery is physically small, yet carries huge emotional weight. Often the source of the most interesting, personal and best-remembered stories, personal and family jewellery always carries significance, a tie to people, places and circumstances past, which can be as compelling as the piece itself.  For men, jewellery has been a sign of wealth and power since the Iron Age, and for women jewellery and precious stones have become the ultimate expression of personal style and beauty.

The greatest excitement at auction is generated by examples from famous international brands and designers. These pieces are very fashionable generations after their creation, and are both excellent investments and a continual source of pleasure for the owner. As such these works are hotly contested at auction and realise high prices, for example Art Deco earrings, attributed to Cartier, reached over £50,000, and a hypnotic 1960’s pendant with accompanying sketches by Andrew Grima realised £8,250.

Though fashion changes, quality is eternal, and when selling jewellery it is often the older, overlooked parts of a collection that captures the attention of the market at auction. For example, an antique gold Jewish wedding ring may seem unfashionable today, but the age, quality and significance of this piece of antique jewellery led to a result of £18,750 at auction.

Diamonds will always epitomise timeless, flawless perfection. The international demand for these pieces combined with our well-developed clientele ensures healthy competition for these lots, and Lyon & Turnbull’s sterling reputation for diligent research ensures a high level of confidence, further raising prices.

A good jewellery auctioneer is like a good diamond – transparent - of the many categories of art and antiques we offer, jewellery has the widest appeal as almost everyone will buy and or sell jewellery over the course of a lifetime. For this reason our specialist team work hard to guarantee the process is as clear and uncomplicated as possible, providing guidance through every stage in the process.  To find out more about our upcoming auctions or to talk further about a potential consignments please do not hesitate to contact one of our specialist team.

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