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The Scotch whisky industry has undergone a renaissance over the last decade. Demand for high quality aged whisky is far outstripping supply and such is the thirst for quality aged spirit, record auction prices are being paid for both bottles and casks. The iconic Bowmore Black first edition was released in 1993 for £80 and twenty-five years on is worth £20,000.

It is not just rare collectors editions that have seen significant rises. Many bottles sitting at the at the back of the drinks cabinet are now highly sought after. A Macallan 12 year old from the 1990s is now worth over £300. In fact, for those lucky enough to have bought a cask of Macallan in the 1990s, they are now being exchanged for £50,000 to £250,000.

So why the renaissance if not revolution?

The whisky brand has grown due to a reputation for quality and exclusivity in both established and emerging markets leading to significant pressure on global inventories. At the top of the market, drinkers are paying more for the sensory experience of rare and complex malts, fine drams that have the ability to conjure up distant memories already half-forgotten from the kaleidoscope of aromas emanating from the glass.

Building whisky collections has also seen a rise in popularity, supported by an industry that has increasingly released limited edition whiskies geared to collectors and an age of ecommerce that no longer limits collectors to their own locality. For investors, market conditions have led to significant gains and made the whisky category a highly attractive alternative investment.

A Prime Opportunity | Whisky Auctions Throughout the Year

Lyon & Turnbull are proud to announce the formation of our specialist Whisky department in order to provide our clients both opportunities to acquire fine and rare whiskies and to realise the value of their collections in buoyant market conditions. Our consultant specialist Colin Fraser has extensive market experience enabling us to offer current market advice, valuations and auction opportunities for both bottles and casks across the UK. The department presents three dedicated Whisky & Spirits auctions per year in April, August & December.


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