Art Graduate Award & Showcase

Here at Lyon & Turnbull we have an established history of supporting Scotland’s art institutions and art practitioners in the form of prizes, awards and sponsorship.

Recognising how important and scarce opportunities are immediately post-graduation, we were keen to expand our remit to offer a platform to an emerging, early career artist. Specifically, we wanted to provide an opportunity for a graduate to further their practice over the course of the crucial twelve month period after they leave university. Our aim was to design not so much a prize as an opportunity; something that would provide impetus, structure and incentive. In 2017 we launched our new award, the Lyon & Turnbull Graduate Showcase.


Going forward, on an annual basis, fine art specialists Charlotte Riordan and Carly Shearer will select a graduate from the Edinburgh College of Art’s undergraduate degree show. The selected artist will then take up a sponsored week-long residency with the Bothy Project. Located on the Isle of Eigg, Sweeney's Bothy was designed by architect Iain MacLeod & artist Bobby Niven in collaboration with artist Alec Finlay as part of Creative Scotland’s Year of Natural Scotland 2013. Here, the artist will spend a week in splendid isolation to focus on developing and documenting their practise.

The prize culminates in a showcase of their work the following summer, consisting of a profile-raising exhibition of the artist’s work in our flagship Edinburgh saleroom during our August Modern British & Contemporary Art auction public view, which will also include an exclusive private viewing for our database of collectors.

We are delighted to be supporting the work of the next generation of artistic talent.


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It is with great pleasure that we announce the winner of our 2018 Graduate Showcase Award – Plum Cloutman. Plum, a painter and print maker, graduated from Edinburgh College of Art with a BA (Hons) in Painting in the summer of 2018.


As part of her award Plum will spend a week working in isolation at the Bothy Project on the beautiful Scottish island of Eigg. Here she talks a little more on how she hopes her time there will influence her work.

“My practice is primarily drawing-led, the drawings serving as stepping stones to creating lino or woodcut prints, or informing an imagined textile or gesture in my paintings. This process lends itself particularly well to a kind of wandering documentation of my surroundings; a week spent in isolation on the Isle of Eigg would provide an incredibly rich source of imagery for creating a richly detailed catalogue of drawings from which to draw inspiration for compositions.

The compositions of my paintings aim to represent a kind of in-between space, landscapes or interiors which become homes for anonymous figures. An isolated space such as the Isle of Eigg presents an environment without the distractions of the city, an ideal terrain to foster imagined inhabitants. The idea has always appealed to me, to be able to sustain an uninterrupted train of thought, constantly fed by your surroundings.

The idea of creating a concise body of work inspired by that week is immensely appealing, and the proposed exhibition would provide an invaluable opportunity to springboard my practice from the uncertain time following graduation, to presenting a fully realised and richly informed body of work as a professional artist.”

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We are delighted to announce that Andrea Christodoulides, B.A. Painting, Edinburgh College of Art 2017, as the winner of this year's Graduate Showcase Award.

“As a Cypriot artist, my work is inspired by my culture and heritage, the enchanting power of stories and myth, the theatre stage and imaginary worlds. The mythical and the unreal trigger my imagination and create what I consider a good story. I am intrigued by the way stories are formed through our own thought processes of understanding and imagination. In our minds stories change, reshape, evolve, and metamorphose. My canvas works like the theatre stage, a defined space in which a series of open and closed narratives are enacted. I see my characters as being actors in a play and I consider the relationship of director versus actor and the characters versus real people. The characters seem to come to life and what I plan for them is not always what they become; this unpredictability is what I like about the creative process and what makes me return to the studio day after day. I like the viewers to become storytellers; by looking and interpreting the painting they form a new story.” - Andrea Christodoulides on her degree show exhibition


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