Tapestries & Textiles

Tapestries & Textiles


Lyon & Turnbull have developed a strong reputation for the sale of Tapestries & Textiles, both through our Scottish auction house in Edinburgh and via live online auctions. Our specialists are knowledgeable, not only about textiles and tapestries, but also the current marketplace, an essential combination that leads to successful sales of fine tapestries and hand-woven textiles from regions such as Turkey, the Caucasus, Tabriz and across the Middle East and Asia.

Significant sales of tapestries have included pieces from the collection of Lord and Lady Rochdale at Lingholm in Cumbria, such as the late 16th/early17th century Flemish Biblical tapestry The Creation and Fall of Man which sold for £91,000 and a late 16th century Brussels Millefleurs tapestry which made £62,400.

Our Tapestries & Textiles department are always happy to offer no obligation confidential advice to clients wondering about the value of their floor, or wall coverings.

Tapestries & textiles are currently included in a range of auctions throughout the calendar, from dedicated sections in our antiques auctions to single-owner collections and house sales. To find out more about our upcoming auctions or to talk further about a potential consignments please do not hesitate to contact one of our specialist team.

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Design Since 1860

Design Since 1860

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