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British & European Paintings

Lyon & Turnbull’s British & European Paintings & Sculpture specialists are known for both their knowledge and for their sales of artworks conducted from our Scottish auction house in Edinburgh, and internationally via live online auctions. From Old Masters to the Modern British School, our understanding is not restricted to paintings and sculpture but also extends to current market conditions, an essential combination to any successful auction.

Our British & European Paintings auctions encompass major European art movements from the 17th to the 20th century; including genre scenes, portraiture, still life, landscape and narrative paintings from Britain, Austria, Germany, France (including the Barbizon School), Spain, Italy, Scandinavia, Malta, Poland and Russia. Alongside fine paintings our sales offer an array of sculpture from British and Continental bronzes to Italian marbles.

As Scotland’s oldest auction house and one of the longest established in Europe, we have developed an extensive client base in all of these countries from which works originate, as well as a strong internet presence. Frequently, artworks offered at Lyon & Turnbull will return to their point of origin, as artworks tend to be achieve their greatest appreciation and value within the culture of their creation have the highest value. This is why we regularly 'tour' the highlights of the British & European Paintings auctions to London, Glasgow, Edinburgh and where appropriate further afield, with recent international destinations including Philadelphia, New York, Amsterdam and Hong Kong.

Each auction has a unique character. The promotion of painting collections is our speciality at Lyon & Turnbull and we aim to feature a body of artworks from significant collections each time, as diverse as 19th century Dutch Romanticism, through French Impressionism to the Modern British School. In 2011 the department had the pleasure of handling a collection of British Victorian paintings from the London residence the Forbes family, the highlights of which include works by Millais and Burne Jones.

Other notable collections include the April 2014 sale of an important private collection of the works of Sir Russell Flint, whose watercolours of the female form have enjoyed resurgence in popularity in recent years. The collection was sold for over £300,000, with just under half of the works finding international buyers, the remainder remaining in the United Kingdom.

The combination of international marketing and thoughtful auction layout and design has been proven to work - our British & European Paintings & Sculpture auctions have built a solid reputation for strong prices over the years, setting many records including the most expensive painting sold in Scotland, The Hawker's Cart, by L. S. Lowry, sold for £689,700 in 2012.

Our specialist auctions are held twice a year in spring and autumn and are extensively marketed in the international press. As well as promotion in our bi-annual magazine International View, published in conjunction with our sister auction house Freeman’s of Philadelphia, we produce fully-illustrated catalogues of all auctions. These catalogues are widely circulated via our extensive mailing list and regularly feature academic essays. Recent examples include research on Modern British artists such as Winifred Nicholson and Henry Moore and European topographical artists like Willem Koekkoek, Giovanni Schranz, Antoinetta Brandeis and Édouard Leon Cortès.

If you would like to enquire about the consignment of an individual work or collection, or would like information about a forthcoming auction please contact one of our specialists.


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