The Enduring Appeal of Cartier

The Enduring Appeal of Cartier

Iconic Jewellery & Watch Designs

Since its creation in the mid-19th Century, Cartier has been famed for its iconic watch and jewellery designs. Here, we take a closer look at a few of the timeless designs from the renowned maison.

An 18ct gold Panthère de Cartier gem set ring, CartierAn 18ct gold Panthère de Cartier gem set ring, Cartier
Sold for £5,000* | Select Jewellery & Watches | November 2019


Today, there are countless emblematic pieces manufactured by the house, from their instantly recognisable ‘Love’ bangle to their classic ‘Panthère’ collection, and their legendary line of classic elegant ‘Tank’ watches.



Originally intended to be sold as a ‘his and hers’ set, the design was seen by its designer Aldo Cipullo as a permanent accessory that symbolised a committed relationship. This was reinforced by a decision to gift high profile couples the set and recipients included the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Steve McQueen and Ali MacGraw, and Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Shortly after the launch of the Love bracelet, it became quickly comparable to wearing an engagement ring.


A diamond-set 'Trinity' ring, by Cartier Sold for £1,500 | Select Jewellery & Watches | October 2020A diamond-set 'Trinity' ring, by Cartier
Sold for £1,500* | Select Jewellery & Watches | October 2020




At the request of French surrealist artist Jean Cocteau, the ‘trinity’ring was designed by Cartier in 1924. Each of the three interconnected bands was intended to represent a different aspect of a relationship. There have been countless variations made on the classic design, including diamond encrusted or ceramic bands, but originally, white gold represented friendship, yellow gold fidelity, and rose gold true love. With its timeless design, it’s easy to see why the Trinity de Cartier rings are one of the brand’s most enduring jewellery collections.



CARTIER: A STAINLESS STEEL WATCH | Santos 2319 model, stainless steel case
Sold for £1,500* | Jewellery, Silver, Watches & Wine | June 2021



Fitting in with the glamorous stories of the Cartier and its jewellery, the tale of Cartier’s Santos watch is also an exciting one. Alberto Santos-Dumont was a Brazilian competitive aviator who lived in Paris from the 1890s. Known for his stunts and races in the Paris airspace, Santos was friends with Louis Cartier, one of the three brothers at the helm of the company at the time. Santos commented that pocket watches were impractical mid-flight, and Cartier set out to design him something altogether more useful. The result, in 1904, was the Cartier Santos. A distinctly masculine piece with stronger lines and screw head motifs to the bezel, the design was a significant departure from the house’s lady’s wrist watches within their existing (and very successful) repertoire. The external appearance and overall form of the Santos made it fit for purpose and very well-received.



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