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In order for us to be able to provide with the best advice possible it would be great if you could give us as much information as possible about your item(s). Please tell us what you can using the form below.
Let us know what kind of object you’re enquiring about – is it a painting, a set of furniture, a piece of jewellery, etc.?
Please include the unit of measurement. For sets, please list the number of pieces.
Let us know the specific artist or maker if there are any visible indications such as signature or maker’s mark; if not, a school (Scottish School), culture (Ottoman), or country/region (France) is also very helpful.
If you don’t know exactly, use your best guess. This can be a specific date if it’s indicated, or a general time period.
Please list as many of the materials as you can – watercolor on paper, bronze, 14 carat gold with rubies, wood with gilt edges, etc.
Please let us know if there are any additional marks, stamps, or imprints indicating metal type; inscriptions or dedications; gallery labels; or series numbers for prints and multiples.
Please tell us how you acquired the piece and if you have any provenance or information on its history. Also please note the condition, especially if anything is damaged or missing. Feel free to tell us anything else that you know or have researched about the item or other similar items, or any questions that you’d like us to try to answer.
Upload as many photographs as you like. We need at least one full photograph of the object, and additional photos of the signature, maker’s mark, or any other identifying information are helpful. Also include photos of any damage or repairs. For things in sets (like china or silver), we do not need individual photographs of each item, but will need a photo of the full set as well as one of the pattern and/or maker’s mark. Most importantly, please make sure that the photos are clear and any text is legible.
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: jpg jpeg gif png webp.