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Scottish Silver & Accessories


Lyon & Turnbull is the undisputed market leader when it comes to dedicated Scottish silver auctions, with an annual dedicated sale in August held in our Scottish auction house in Edinburgh and via live online auction. Our specialists’ in-depth knowledge of Scottish provincial silver and the current market have proved to be an essential combination to the successful sale of provincial silver from not only the silversmiths of Edinburgh and Glasgow but also Elgin, Ballater, Aberdeen and Perth.

Since launching a sale dedicated to Scottish Silver & Accessories in 2008 the department have become recognised as a major authority in the field, often advising national museums on the subject. Scottish silver is a lifelong passion for our specialist Colin Fraser, and his expertise in the subject has seen him taken into the confidence of many top-level collectors. Colin often advises national museums on their collections and is regularly invited to lecture at events and institutions in Scotland, the UK and Canada.

The appeal of Scottish silver is easy to appreciate. As well as the practical nature of these objects and the timeless clean, uncluttered design, these items carry a historical context and often incorporate an exciting story - and thanks to our marketing and press abilities, no-one can capitalise on an exciting story like Lyon & Turnbull.

Some examples of this include the recent sale of Robert Burn's pocket watch (which included beautiful hand-cut papers bearing the initials of his wife, Jean Armour) which sold for £40,000, and a Jacobite 'secret service' ring, which bore a concealed cypher proving the allegiance of its wearer to the Jacobite cause. The discovery of this cypher by English forces would have spelled death for the bearer in 1766, however in 2008 the ring brought only happiness to the owner when it was sold for over £14,500.

Our dominance of this field has brought many of the world’s top Scottish silver collections to our saleroom, including elements from the Phoenix Collection, the Dr W Guthrie Collection of Dundee Silver, the M.B. Sharp Jacobite Collection and the Sir John Noble Collection, amongst many others. We have also handled a number of items from churches and institutions around Scotland, such as the 2012 and 2013 sales of communion cups from the Steeple Kirk in Dundee.

Our dedicated annual Scottish Silver & Accessories auction is held in August. To find out more about our upcoming auctions or to talk further about a potential consignments please do not hesitate to contact one of our specialist team.

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