Bid Online From Anywhere With Ease

Bid Online From Anywhere With Ease

A New Look for L&T Live

Making joining our auctions from anywhere in the world easier.

L&T Live


As we continue to develop our digital offerings to make it easier for you to join our auctions from anywhere, we are delighted to share an update to our online bidding platform L&T Live in partnership with Streambid. 

The new interface will provide a seamless change in your bidding experience, where you can continue to enjoy bidding live in all our sales from the comfort of your home, office or on the go. Just follow the familiar links at the head of every online catalogue, lot page or on the auction calendar to register to bid in each sale and enjoy the new experience. While the app will no longer be available, the new fully-responsive interface performs dynamically on any device to make bidding simpler by keeping all of your activity in one place. 

In this video, we share L&T Live's new display, looking at the dynamic functionality that Streambid offers your bidding experience and answering all of your live bidding questions.





Ready to Bid with L&T Live?

Before the Auction - Pre-Register for L&T Live

If you are looking to bid live in a forthcoming auction using L&T Live simply click the Register to Bid Live button, found throughout our online catalogues and auction calendar, to pre-register for live bidding. You will need to be signed in to our website to do this.

Once pre-registered you will receive an email confirmation showing your chosen auction, bid limit and additional support information.


On Auction Day

Approximately 30 minutes before the sale, you will see the button on our website change to Bid Live. When clicked, a new live bidding window will open taking you into the L&T Live platform.

Once the auction begins, you will be able to hear and watch the auction unfold in real time and can participate in bidding by clicking on the button marked Place Bid.


The latest version of L&T Live is fully responsive so you can access the platform from any device - desktop, tablet or mobile - without the requirement for an additional/separate app.



Further Bidding Options


Bidding by Absentee Bid

If you are logged into our Lyon & Turnbull account online, you can leave an absentee bid online by selecting the 'Leave a Bid' option on your chosen lot. Alternatively you can call us on 0131 557 8844 or email Please note that our bid department may contact you for further details.


Bidding by Telephone

Bid by telephone - our clerk will call you on the auction day, just before your lot(s) come up, and bid on your behalf live at the auction when instructed to do so. If you would like to bid by telephone please contact our team prior to the auction with your details of the lots you are interested in and your full name, mailing address, telephone number(s) and email. 

Bidding in the Room

Bidding in the room is available for selected auctions now.  Registration will be required on arrival and masks to be worn at all times. See our Auction Calendar for more info.  


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