Lyon & Turnbull

Li-Chun Hu

Consultant Specialist

Asian Art


Areas of Specialism: 

Asian Art


Call: 0207 930 9115



With an MA in art market appraisal, Li is an experienced consultant in Chinese ceramics and works of art. Li has spent many years in Beijing advising private collectors and in doing so has had great exposure to the market. Her work takes her around the world visiting the major markets in key seasons. Her trained eye and experience in trend forecasting enables Li to meet the needs of the developing tastes of the Asian art sector.

While Li has a wealth of knowledge in many areas of Chinese art her particular strength and passion lies in ceramics, dating from Tang to Qing dynasty.

Of her time spent in Hong Kong for Lyon & Turnbull's May sale, Li says: 'I specifically enjoyed Lot 24, the bamboo figure of laughing Budai. The figure is so nicely carved with very vivid expressions, and one of his toes was even lifted up as a sign of happiness. From the back you can see the underarm was cut through, a very unusual technique to see in this kind of bamboo figure.'


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