Watch | Ken Currie's ‘A Tree of Liberty’

Watch | Ken Currie's ‘A Tree of Liberty’

with Specialist Carly Shearer

Monumental and undoubtedly of museum-quality, ‘A Tree of Liberty - 1988’ is a landmark work from Ken Currie from a significant moment in his career. Join Specialist Carly Shearer as she discusses this superb work which encapsulates Currie's vision of the status quo being swept away to make room for a new approach based on freedom, justice and education.


Ken Currie views his art as a political tool, a way of expressing his understanding of the world around him and suggesting new ways for society to evolve and adapt. His early paintings promote his ultimate goal of an egalitarian and just society and try to offer easily read and understood visual encapsulations of this vision.

‘A Tree of Liberty’ was painted in a period where utopian views had fallen out of favour, so Currie was going against the grain in this respect. Yet, this painting also dates from a time when large-scale figurative work was having a revival in contemporary Scottish art and so stylistically it would have felt very current.

Currie’s vision is vivid and bold, he paints with conviction and passion, with all the skills of his figuration and colour utilised to unleash this striking and hopeful new vision upon us.


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