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The Hidden Door Art Auction Fundraiser 2015

Hidden Door and Lyon & Turnbull presents: The Hidden Door Art Auction Fundraiser 2015

Come along to the live auction on 4 August, and if you can’t make it on the night you can bid online for a selection of works in the Silent Auction in the run up to the event. A chance to support Hidden Door, support its artists & buy some unique artwork!


Tuesday 4th August

Lyon & Turnbull | 33 Broughton Place | Edinburgh | 6pm to 9pm


About the Auction

If you enjoyed exploring all the art installations and exhibitions at Hidden Door festival, this is your chance to take home some artwork by exciting up and coming talent that you can keep forever! And if you have never been to an auction before, come along and check it out – it is a fun and adrenaline-fuelled experience!

The auction is an extension of the Hidden Door festival and part of the creative platform they are working to create. The goal is to raise money to cover the costs of the festival, so it can stay alive and return next year. All artists contributing work also have the opportunity to split proceeds 50/50 between themselves and the festival. By taking part you will be investing in and supporting both Hidden Door and the artists who produce its amazing content.

The auction will be a Hidden Door event through and through, with art on display, live music, a bar…. and of course an after party! So spread the word and don’t miss out.


How to take part

You can get involved in two ways:

Come along in person to Lyon & Turnbull to experience the live auction itself. Or…
Bid online for a selection of works at the silent auction any time in the lead up to the event (the auction opens on Sunday 26 July). Online bidding will close at 6pm on Tuesday 04 August, and conclude in Lyon & Turnbull on the night as a Silent Auction, with the artwork displayed, before the live auction starts.
View & Bid Online (from 26 July)

How will you help by attending the auction?

Unfortunately, even though the 2015 Hidden Door festival in the Secret Courtyard was in many ways a huge success, with over 10,000 visitors and 5-star reviews, they were unable to raise enough money through ticket sales and bar takings to break even.

This year they aimed high, producing a more ambitious event than the year before. They took over a vast disused courtyard and filled it with art installations, live music, film and theatre productions for 9 days and nights. Although run entirely by volunteers, the practical costs of putting on the festival were high. They included infrastructure costs, such as generators, power, lighting, licenses, sound-proofing and sound equipment, as well as materials, projectors and equipment for the artists and theatre shows.

Even after applying for a lot of grants of varying sizes to help them cover the costs, they were unfortunately unsuccessful in the majority. A significant reason for this was the very tight timescale between being granted permission to go ahead with the event and the start of the event itself which unfortunately didn’t fit with the timescales for most funding applications. They did receive some private sponsorship, which helped enormously with making the event possible, but more funds are still required to cover the bills.

"We loved doing the 9-day festival in the Secret Courtyard and we, the team of volunteers who make up Hidden Door, would love to do more! We want to keep developing the Hidden Door idea, continue to produce creative experiences that really engage a wide public with the arts, and provide genuinely exciting opportunities for creative practitioners. By doing this we can contribute to a shake up of the art scene and help work towards a fresh approach to the arts in Scotland."

But they can’t do it without raising more funds! So come along and get involved, buy some unique artwork for your walls, and support the arts and Hidden Door in the process!


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