Pâte de Verre

Pâte de Verre

Henri Bergé & Almeric Walter's Glass Casting

In the early 1900s, Henri Bergé and Almeric Walter joined forces to create beautifully designed sculptural pieces in pate de verre. Two stunning examples by these Art Nouveau master craftsmen are offered in our Wednesday 31 October auction of Decorative Arts: Design since 1860.

French Art Nouveau decorator and illustrator, Henri Bergé worked as a decorator at Daum's from 1895. He had a decisive impact on the introduction of an essentially floral and pastoral style in Daum’s glassware. His interest in nature is illustrated by the scientifically accurate botanical and animal designs, in his work.

Bergé also taught at the Ecole Professionnelle de l'Est and ran Daum’s design and modeling studio. He was a member of the Ecole de Nancy Board of Management from 1901.


 Pâte de Verre Octagonal DishLOT 396 | Henri Bergé for Almeric Walter | Pâte de Verre Octagonal Dish, circa 1920
23cm across | £4,000-6,000 + fees


In 1904, Bergé began collaborating with French glass maker, Amalric Walter, when Walter started working at Daum. Together they made pâtes de verre (a form of glass kiln casting) always signed "Daum Nancy", without Walter’s or Bergé's name. With Bergé, Walter cast around 100 different models, though few examples from this period are preserved. Their collaborations were put on hold when, due to the onset of World War I, the Daum factory closed from 1914 to 1918.


Pâte de Verre Vide-PocheLOT 396 | Henri Bergé (1870 - 1937) for Almeric Walter | Pâte de Verre Vide-Poche, circa 1920 |
17cm across | £1,800-2,500 + fees


After the war, Walter decided to create his own glass studio. He continued his collaboration with Henri Bergé. From 1919 to 1935, Walter worked with Bergé and other famous sculptors and designers to create models, always casting in limited numbers due to the sophisticated technique of glass kiln casting.

This October, two pâte de verre dishes by Henri Berge for Almeric Walter will be offered in our Wednesday 31 October Auction of Decorative Arts. Designed with flora and fauna, each dish is moulded in relief with the maker’s marks A. Walter/ Nancy and Berge SC.



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