H&H Classics: Duxford Auction

Buying & Selling Classic Cars, 12 October 2016

When the owner of a much loved classic car thinks about selling, the key issue is where to consign. An astute seller will want to be sure that the company they choose will provide a superb international client network of buyers, a total commitment to marketing their car brilliantly and a guarantee, or as close as possible in the auction world, that its value will be maximized.

Lyon & Turnbull believes that H&H Classics are the best in the business, and for that reason are excited to partner with them. This decision has been bolstered by the fact that H&H are one of just five companies in the world to have sold a car for over $10m – the 1960 Ferrari 250 GT, sold on behalf of the RNLI. As a result of this sale the RNLI, an important charitable institution doing valuable work across the UK, received the biggest bequest in its history. Having grown steadily for 23 years on the basis of offering a highly professional service and complete integrity, H&H Classics regularly achieves world records.

Most recently, they sold Prince Philip’s Lagonda for an impressive £350,000 in April 2016.


H&H AuctionsAbove: Prince Philip's Lagonda, auctioned by H&H in April 2016.


Recently the company added to its pool of talents by bringing in Dominic Lyncker as MD, headhunted from VW Group China where he was Head of Group, Sport Cars, Motorsport and Car Culture with responsibility for all linked, cross-branded activity for VW, Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini and Porsche. H&H’s agency network on the Continent is in the Benelux countries and Hungary, looking after a number of areas including Scandinavia and the German speaking regions. The H&H team offer ten European languages between them.

“For some time we have recognized that many of our clients have classic and valuable cars, so being able to provide them with access to a highly experienced expert was important”, said Gavin Strang, Lyon Turnbull MD. “We are planning some joint events with H&H where clients can bring their cars and meet up with our specialists and the H&H team.” Lyon & Turnbull clients will be able to take advantage of a complimentary desktop appraisal from H&H of any car or motorbike they own. In addition, we have negotiated a preferential discount on full valuation and auction/sale fees that come through us. H&H Concierge service will also provide clients who may be looking into classic car ownership for leisure or investment with a step-by-step advisory service.


H&H AuctionsAbove: Three Aston Martins to be auctioned on 12 October at H&H's Duxford Auction


H&H AuctionsAbove: The Rolls Royce belonging to George Best, to be auctioned on 12 October at H&H's Duxford Auction.


The upcoming H&H Duxford auction to take place on 12 October includes a collection of six Aston Martins (three of which are illustrated above) as well as a 1972 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow owned by footballer George Best (illustrated above).



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