FOCUS: Cartier Travel Clock

In 1847, Louis Francois Cartier, a young jeweller in Paris, took over the workshop of his master and began to build what would become one of the most important international jewellers to date. However, it was not until his grandsons, Louis, Pierre and Jacques, took the helm that the company really began to gain the international fame it now enjoys.

Cartier is a byword for exquisite jewellery and luxury watches sold to stars of stage and screen, Kings, Queens and Maharajas alike. Over the years they supplied to Napoleon III, Tsar Nicholas II, King Edward VIII and the infamous Wallace Simpson among a multitude of others. One of their most famous sales was that of the Hope diamond in 1911 to an American Newspaper publisher. Their distinctive red box with gold detail echoes their philosophy for luxury and has become synonymous with the brand and its status.

They are renowned for their skilled craftsmanship and delicate designs, evident in one of the more unique pieces from a recent auction, an early 20th century miniature travel clock and photograph frame that sold for a premium inclusive price of £4,750. Those who buy Cartier can rest assured they are buying a piece of timeless elegance and inimitable quality.


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