A Celtic Phantasmagoria

A Celtic Phantasmagoria

Watch Bellany's ‘Allegory - A Celtic Phantasmagoria’ with Specialist Carly Shearer

In this triptych I have attempted to make a statement . . . about the human condition . . . The iconography of the two side panels derive from a feeling of Calvinist repression . . . the central panel is a visual manifestation of hope.’
- John Bellany


‘Allegory - A Celtic Phantasmagoria’ conveys a dichotomy of views across three panels: the acknowledgment of darkness and struggle and the celebration of hope and potential, all tied up and rooted in this one significant location, where land meets sea. Take a closer look at this superb work with Specialist, Carly Shearer...




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A Private Collection of Scottish Art
Wednesday, 20th January 2021 18:00
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