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Joseph Farquharson Landscape Visits Area of Original Inspiration

A beautiful Scottish landscape painting by Joseph Farquharson (1846-1935), was recently taken back to the family estate of Finzean on Deeside to be reunited with the exact spot it was painted. Izzy Farquharson, great grand niece of the artist, took the painting to the Forest of Birse, to a position looking down the River Feugh towards the old Finzean Bucket Mill. This piece titled Glowed with Tints of Evening's Hour will be offered in our forthcoming Scottish Paintings & Sculpture auction on 04 June 2015 in Edinburgh with an estimate of £80,000 to £120,000.



Izzy Farquharson


Izzy Farquharson said “I have always loved his paintings and I know most of the spots in the area where he painted them. It is amazing to have the actual painting here in the exact place that he painted it. It has changed quite a lot, but you can still see the road, sawmill and cottage in the distance. I believe the title Glowed with Tints of Evening Hour is a quote from Sir Walter Scott.”

Farquharson combined a career as a painter with his inherited role as laird of Finzean. His father, the 10th laird, was a doctor with an Edinburgh practice, and a competent amateur artist who encouraged Joseph. Much of his childhood was spent at Finzean. He trained at the Royal Scottish Academy Life School and Trustees’ Academy, Edinburgh.



Joseph Farquharson Landscape



Nick Curnow, Vice Chairman and Scottish Paintings Specialist, said "This painting is a beautiful example of the artist's work. The watershed in his career was marked by three or four winters spent from 1880 onwards in Paris in the studio of Carolus-Duran. An admirer of Velázquez, Carolus-Duran taught his students to use the brush straight away and think in terms of form and colour. As a result Farquharson’s work was always characterized by richly handled paint".

At Finzean he adapted French plein-air techniques to the Scottish climate. He designed a painting hut on wheels, fitted with large windows and a stove. From this hut he painted the great wooded landscapes surrounding the estate on which his reputation rested. Nick Curnow explained "He frequently asked an employee on the estate to pose as a shepherd in his paintings. On one memorable day Farquharson asked if he was getting cold, although blue with cold the hapless model declined letting Farquharson finish the painting.”

Farquharson exhibited his paintings at the Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh, the Royal Academy and the Royal Institution, London.

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