Shipping, Sailing & Silver | A Private Collection of Silver & Enamelled Cases

For those with an interest in shipping, sailing and the open seas this carefully curated collection of maritime-themed silver cases, lots 406 to 463 on our forthcoming Jewellery & Silver auction, will offer plenty of interest. Curated by a private Greek collector over the past 40 years, the collection shows a good variety; from private and racing yachting to the commercial giants of the cruise liner world such as P&O and The White Star Line – whose fleet famously included the Titanic.



Commercial cargo liners are also well represented by their enamel burgees and other regulated forms of identification picked out in coloured enamels on a number of the pieces.


Private yacht owners also had a range of silver items relevant to their interest. The compacts and cigarette cases in a number of instances use the International Flag codes to spell out initials and names.


Souvenirs also form a part of the collection such as the napkin rings and desk inkwells, which have the unusual feature of having watches in the covers.







A collection of silver & enamelled items with maritime and shipping themes - Lots 406 to 463
Jewellery & Silver | 11 February 2015 | 10am
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