Lyon & Turnbull’s Administration & Client Services Department requires a dedicated departmental administrator.

Please see below for more information on the role.

To apply for this position, email your CV and cover letter to Laura.Henderson@lyonandturnbull.comApplications close at noon on Friday 14 July.

Working as part of the Administrative team reporting to the Office Manager, your role is to be responsible for the following duties: 


General Client Service & Office Admin Duties

  • Answering the telephone and taking of messages 
  • Reception duties 
  • General typing of correspondence and documents
  • Making sure filing and paperwork is up to date 
  • Postage of mail and ensuring franking machine is in credit and supplies are stocked 
  • Recording of answer phone messages, stating our hours in preparation for when the office is closed for holidays 
  • Booking travel and accommodation for staff and consultants 
  • Assist other members of the admin team if needed/provide training if needed 

Shared duties with Reception 

  • The reporting of the weekly staff meeting and staff movements 
  • Assisting with the Lyon & Turnbull (L&T) e-mail enquiries 
  • Receipting of client goods where necessary, completing contract and labelling goods 
  • Look after the condition report and image request list 
  • Turning night service and the answer phone on and checking phone messages 
  • Help record event RSVPs 
  • Covering reception when required 

Database & Mailing List Duties

  • Assist specialists, providing them with any sale information or reports 
  • Assisting with client detail updates on database  
  • Management of catalogue mailing lists 
  • Single catalogue requests and subscription enquiries incl. sending out renewal letters
  • Development of Catalogue Subscriptions/ Purchases page on our website
  • Produce database/bidding analysis 

Online Catalogues & Web Support

  • Load images to database once provided by specialists 
  • Ensuring that content and images for sales are correct prior to publication – confirmation that database/online content matches the printed catalogue.  
  • Publish sales to L&T site, followed by images 
  • Upload PDF of catalogue (via RFC FTP) and E-catalogue (via Issuu) to the site 
  • Send the catalogue to (ATG) 
  • Publish sale on Invaluable 
  • Chase specialists for any missing images in run up to sale 
  • Assist customers experiencing difficulties with our website

Online Bidding Management & Support

  • Main contact with the Live Bidding service suppliers
  • Managing upload and promo of all auctions through service
  • Managing live internet bidding registrations as well as internet commission bids
  • Central point of contact for web support queries from clients 

Pre-Sale Tasks

  • Update reception plasma with slideshow of upcoming auctions 
  • Have the specialists/ dept. admin check commission rates/client details, prior to sending pre-sale advice letters.
  • Email/ print pre-sale advice letters including copy correspondence. 
  • Prepare catalogue mailing lists in database (vendors/ comps/ subs, incl. All Sales) confirm mailing list and print quantity with specialist
  • Liaise with the printer regarding print quantity and email catalogue mailing list to them 
  • Create an Alteration Sheet and keep up to date in run up to the sale – make any necessary changes to the website(s) 
  • Control CR process – allocate responsibilities and look after requests 
  • Chase departments for condition reports, keep the request form up to date and regularly give up to date copy to the specialists 
  • Inputting into database and sending out condition reports prior to auction 
  • Inputting of incoming commission and telephone bids 
  • Assisting with sale paddle registration of clients at reception/cash desk 
  • Double check all bids prior to auction 
  • Assist with set up of Saleroom IT 
  • Create sale slideshow for saleroom display and upload to rostrum PC (using database programme and images)

Sale Day tasks

  • Sale Day tasks
  • Central point of contact for web support queries from clients – with regards our L&T site and live bidding process. 
  • Set up Invaluable and clerking laptops and launch sale on Invaluable 
  • Assist with audio-visual set up 
  • Ensure slideshow is loaded to plasma and ready to go (ensure café plasma is switched on) 
  • Have microphone and new battery ready for the Auctioneer 
  • Ensure sale alteration sheet is up to date and distributed around the saleroom 
  • Input commission bids and telephone bids 
  • Processing last minute L&T site internet commission bids 
  • Processing last minute live internet bidding (Invaluable) registrations 
  • Assist in Cash Office when required 
  • Assist with printing the auctioneer’s Book, if requested 
  • Assist in saleroom with Invaluable or Clerking if necessary 
  • Assist customers experiencing issues with live internet bidding
  • Check auctioneer’s / spotter’s book throughout the sale confirm correct data input.
  • Check and resolve any discrepancies with sales on database prior to:  
  • Import Invaluable bidders & buyers into database once the auction has ended 
  • Assist with after sale offers and process if requested 
  • Take down sales IT equipment 

Post-Sale Tasks

  • Print unsold lot report for specialists/ dept. admins.
  • Assist with the monitoring of the Invoice Central mailbox - respond to any customer invoice replies by email, assisting with their queries if required
  • Filing of all bid paperwork and completed condition reports 
  • Post sale results to vendors – sold and unsold 
  • With unsold results, post unsold lot report letters once recommendations have been input into database 
  • Update the item status of items in database based on recommendations on the unsold lot report 
  • Assist with taking payments if need be and assist with online payment system 
  • Completion of post-sale review data in time for meeting with department (Inc. catalogue mailing activity, top buyers/sellers, underbidders, lot tops, etc.)
  • Action points discussed in Post-Sale Report meeting, ensuring others action theirs 
  • Upkeep of mailing lists/interests lists with new buyers/bidders in prep for next auction

Working Offsite (Auctions & Events)

  • L&T host auctions and events off-site.  Team members from all areas are required to assist (variant requirements based on the type/location of event)  

Personal Specification 

  • Strong administrative and organisational skills
  • Strong time management and prioritisation skills
  • Ability to deal with clients in a professional manner representing L&T 
  • Ability to understand and complete administration procedures in the L&T style 
  • Able to type to a high standard 
  • Ability to understand and further the aims of L&T 
  • Highly developed interpersonal skills with experience of forming, maintaining and developing relationships with a range of individuals 
  • Good communication skills including listening skills and the ability to give information clearly 
  • Reporting and monitoring skills 
  • Ability to prioritise within tight deadlines 
  • Able to present letters in a professional manner


  • Edinburgh Saleroom, 33 Broughton Place, Edinburgh, EH1 3RR

Hours of work:

  • Office hours 8.30 -5.30pm Monday to Friday. The nature of the post means that the post-holder will need to be able to be flexible, there will be busy times (including essential evening and weekend work) and quieter times.  The post will require travel and time spent at offsite locations.

Annual leave:

  • 28 days including statutory holidays, Christmas holiday closure in addition


  • Advised on application