Created by the most forward-looking and internationally-engaged of the Scottish Colourists, John Duncan Fergusson, Eastre, ‘Hymn to the Sun’ depicts the Saxon goddess of spring and the rising sun. 

The beautiful bronze has both a strikingly modern vision, and a timeless quality that can be traced to Fergusson’s broad-ranging interest in the energy of vorticism and the bold lines of tribal art. The combination of straight and curved lines, conveys a dynamism and strength while the warm-gold finish of the bronze evokes hot sunshine and luxury. 


[§] JOHN DUNCAN FERGUSSON R.B.A. (SCOTTISH 1874-1961) | EASTRE (HYMN TO THE SUN) | Bronze, 40cm (15.75in) high

Particularly fascinated by Celtic culture and the observance of harmony and unity in nature, Fergusson was also interested in exploring the concept of the female form as a symbol of fecundity, renewal and rhythm. Fergusson’s partner, the dancer Margaret Morris, was herself involved in a ballet performance entitled 'Hymn to the Sun'. The full lips of Eastre and the repeating curves forming the chest, neck and head convey her organic nature.

Fergusson's masterful work, 'Eastre (Hymn to the Sun)', was a highlight in our flagship auction of Scottish Paintings & Sculpture on 06 June 2019 in Edinburgh, achieving a new auction record for a Fergusson sculpture at £93,750 incl premium.




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