Private Art Collections

Private Art Collections are what we are most passionate about. From the research and scholarly essays to tell the stories behind the objects and the collectors themselves, to the tailored marketing and presentation to let the world see them at their best, we throw ourselves into each project wholeheartedly.

The saying attributed to John F. Kennedy, that: “a rising tide lifts all boats”, could well be applied to the collections phenomena in our carefully crafted and extensively marketed auctions, where even the most everyday items are lifted by the associations of coming from an illustrious collection. There are few types of collection we have not handled - from the contents of grand homes to smaller, more focussed collections, there is little we have not seen and sold well.

People matter to us as much as their possessions. We offer a very personal service and work closely with our clients to ensure that all elements of the sale reflect their taste and values. Our bespoke approach to every collection has placed us amongst the market leaders in this field and our dedicated international team has considerable experience of orchestrating these sales.