Virtual Valuation Guide

For those wishing to discover more about the value of any items our specialist team are on hand to provide auction estimates free of charge and without any obligation, giving you the knowledge and information you need to help you decide whether to sell or keep your art, antiques or jewellery.
This guide will help you take the next steps towards discovering more about your art and antiques from the comfort of your own home, either through our easy to use online form or booking a virtual visit from one of our specialist team.  




Virtual Valuation Guide


Take sharp, clear colour photographs of the item, preferably in natural light—at least one photograph of the overall object, and as many additional photographs as necessary to show important details such as signatures and maker’s marks. You also should take photos to clearly show the extent of any repairs, damage or wear as this is likely to affect the overall value.


TIP: Don’t try to clean or polish the item too much! A light dusting is plenty - too much cleaning and polishing can reduce the value of many kinds of antique.




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Prepare a short description of the item, and please include as much information about the piece as possible, including artist or maker’s name, title of the work, the medium (oil paints on canvas, for example) and any addiitonal documentation you think might be of interest (such as gemmology certificates). If the item has a background story, that can be very helpful and interesting too.


TIP: Any information you have about prior owners or past use of an object can make a huge difference to the value, as can any history of being exhibited at a gallery or museum.




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Our online form will request your name and contact information. You will be able to add all of the object details you have collected and upload all of the images you have taken. Once you have finished, click ‘submit’ and our Valuations Manager will be in touch regarding your piece.


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TIP: If you have several items, simply complete the process here for what you think might be your most valuable item and mention that you have more. When you have received your valuation, you can now make a fully informed decision to sell or keep your art and antiques. If you’d like to know more about the possibilities for sale, our specialist team are available via phone, email or video conference.


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Book a free virtual visit via your smartphone or tablet.  Show the specialist the item(s) you wish to have valued, they will then guide you about what features of an item they need to see.

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